I was languishing and longing for more adventures

Hello, my name is Bessie and I am so happy to meet you. I am a 2013 Forest River Sunseeker 2300 recreational vehicle and since my new owner purchased me in July 2020, my life has changed for the better. My previous owner did not keep up with my maintenance and I was a little worse for the wear. When he drove me away from where I had languished, I wondered about him and if he would take good care of me. I soon learned that I was in very good hands. He was methodical with me, and I also…

The Petrified Forest National Park — October 3, 2020 — Author with a Raven in the background

During my trip through the Petrified Forest National Park and Painted Desert National Park, I saw several ravens at several of the park’s pullout parking areas. They wouldn’t move when I approached; so, I began to search for a deeper meaning of their presence in my travels.

Photo by BICAD MEDIA on Unsplash
Truth is, She Never Really Was!

Contrary to popular belief, the United States of America has never been the greatest Country in the world. Really? That’s sacrilegious and anti-American, Stan. No, it is not either one of those; it is just the unvarnished truth.

Why? First, the United States of America as an entity is six years short of its 250th birthday. Throughout those short 25 decades, the good ole US of A has done many things right and many things wrong, and She takes the good with the bad. From 1783 until 1861, the Nation, built on religious freedom…

Ryder — December 2005 — Rimrock Preserve

SC’s Hunt’em Up Ryder along with his hunting partner, SC’s Hunt’em Up Bella, joined me at a time in my life when I really needed a change. I was working 60+ hours a week as an IT Manager and quickly approaching burnout.

USS Oklahoma Passing Alcatraz in the 1930’s — Official US Navy Photograph

It was a beautiful morning as I made my way to the galley of my ship for breakfast. Growing up on a farm in Kansas, breakfast was my favorite part of the day because the world is just beginning to come alive. The galley smells of bacon frying, and the sound of eggs sizzling always reminds me of home. This morning was no exception.

I had just finished and was going back for another cup of coffee when a commotion topside grabbed my attention.

A shipmate ran by yelling, “we’re being attacked!”

Over the loudspeaker, everyone in the galley heard…

Photo by Buzz Andersen on Unsplash

A prompt from one of my writing workshops asked students to discuss the following, “Where is anger found in relationships and what causes it?”

My thoughts…

There is a wave of anger bubbling just beneath the surface. It is there when someone feels taken for granted. Patience and empathy are a strong suit for some, so those people let it ride until the day comes when they really need to be heard. But, the support is not there.

So the witch’s brew of anger and resentment starts bubbling, just a little…

Resolution is found for others because listening is easy…

Giving and Taking — Honor those who Matter

“What have you done for me, lately?” How many times have you rhetorically asked or been asked that question? I cannot recall the number of times I have asked this question nor can I remember how many I have been asked this question. But, it is a question that seems to be constantly on many people’s minds that are in any relationship when things are not going the way they think they should or when things seem one-sided.

Did you ask the question in a fit of anger after you’d done a lot for the person in question? I know…

Ryder and Bella — Learning to Play the Game

In 2005, two little yellow furballs came home with me from separate breeders, and the legends of Ryder and Bella began. Bella came home in May and Ryder came home in October. Both puppies had all the potential in the world and would make any Labrador Retriever owner proud.

But, one thing that never crossed my mind was that dog years are not equal to human years and that the time would come all too soon when I would have to say goodbye. Thankfully, that is not the case yet. …

Indigenous Peoples March — Photo Credit to New York Daily News

As I turned on my computer this past weekend, I saw once again three ethnically disparate groups of Americans disrespecting one another. One group was African-American, another was Native American, and finally, a group of Caucasian Americans all came together on the Washington Mall at the Lincoln Memorial. In a perfect storm that is so prevalent today when varying groups come together, anger and hate tend to be the outcome instead of patience, kindness, and a willingness to listen and try to understand the other group’s point of view.

The group of students from Covington Catholic High School was in…

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

As we walk through life, we encounter many people who affect our lives for better or worse. Some people we meet leave no impression at all.

How does your life affect others? Do you leave them better or worse than you found them or does your presence have no effect on them?

In life, we have the opportunity to make someone’s life better just by empathizing with them when they are having a difficult time or by paying forward help and support we received when we were in need.

What have others done for you that you found extremely helpful…

Stan Cromlish

From personal essays about life lessons, writing, politics, etc. to historical fiction, I write about life today and life past. Check out stancromlishbooks.com

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